Rising Star Road Show

Rising Star is starting out with a small but highly experienced and diversified founding team based out of Birmingham, AL with a presence in Nashville, TN and in Santa Rosa Beach, FL. Rising Star was founded by Tommy Jackson based upon his decades of work mentoring young students in Birmingham, AL and founding the music firm First Note Entertainment. Rising Star is a way to combine these efforts into a mission that brings positive influence across Alabama and far beyond as we grow.


Tommy Jackson

Tommy Jackson’s life purpose is to help others find their true potential. His personal accomplishments span over three decades across academics, business, athletics, music, and mentorship.

Tommy grew up facing difficult circumstances having been raised in a household of addiction and abuse. His journey is one of overcoming the odds to build tremendous success. In his own words, Jackson says, “It is not enough get out of tough places but to help others do the same.” He has spent his life mentoring and empowering people of all ages, from student athletes to high level business leaders, with a passion and energy that is beginning to be felt across the globe.

Jackson worked two jobs to put himself through Auburn University at Montgomery (AUM) graduating Magna Cum Laude in Finance and Psychology. His academic journey would come full circle a few decades later when in 2017 AUM awarded him Business Alumni of the Year and in 2018 gave him the high distinction of being named of of AUM’s Top 50 Most Influential Alumni in the school’s history.

Jackson’s dedication to and love for wealth management has been a calling from day one. The philosophy of “all things are possible” rings true as he has gone from humble beginnings to living his dream of becoming a top financial advisor. He officially achieved this status when Barron and Forbes both began recognizing him as a top advisor in the country for multiple years, most recently in 2018 and 2019. He now speaks to businesses, firms, schools, churches, and organizations about reaching success through self-empowerment and serves as the CEO of Jackson Wealth Management.

To give back to the community, Jackson coached youth and high school football starting in 1995 winning multiple state championships. Jackson’s greatest motivator became working with kids via a mentorship program he developed called “The Knights.” The program was free of cost and designed to nurture the mind, body, and spiritual health of hundreds of young athletes, shaping their lives as they trained throughout high school, college, and professional careers.

The now adult Knights are making a huge impact in their communities and include two super bowl appearances, actors, artists, professional tennis players, authors, the youngest offensive coordinator in the SEC, hundreds of college scholarships, and business leaders. Helping these young people grow into successful men and women has brought tremendous pride and joy to Tommy over the decades.

Tommy ventured into the field of music in 2008 with inspiration and influence from his brother and longtime successful musician Tim. He started First Note Entertainment which has grown into a multi-dimensional music firm that develops artists, publishes songs, and produces live performances. Over the years First Note has achieved over 175 consecutive sold out shows, launched a portal for independent artists called First Note Play, and has landed many hit songs on radio and TV including placements in 2019 on The Today Show, A World of Dance, and American Idol. First Note artists have reached the Billboard Top 20 and have been featured in national publications.

In 2018, Jackson founded the Rising Star Road Show to bring a program of self-empowerment into schools, businesses, and communities across America through speakers, music, and special events.  He says, “If you look at our young people, their statistics are terrible. They are really in trouble. They are our future. As our young people go, so goes America. The great news is we are seeing young people across the country really moved by our program. In Chicago over 400 kids reached out for our help. We just have to go and reach out to them.”

Jackson is currently booking speaking arrangements for companies, schools, churches, and organizations. His powerful message is that of self-empowerment and achieving big success by taking small personal steps forward. 

For more about Tommy visit www.tommyjacksonofficial.com