Rising Star Road Show

We inspire and support the rising stars of art, education, and athletics in schools across the Southeast.

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Help us support the next generation of rising stars.

Children in the U.S. are at risk everyday. 

One in four students say they’ve been bullied at school. 15-20% of adolescents have participated in self-harm. Positivity is needed more than ever in young people’s lives.

We support and motivate kids to change their lives, chase their dreams, and work hard to achieve their goals.



Rising Star Road Show comes to the Montgomery Performing Arts Center!

Ft. Jamie Kent, Tim Jackson, Anthony Peebles, and Dee White

Montgomery Performing Arts Center / 8:00pm


"If you change one number in a statistic, the end result has to change."

Tommy Jackson

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Show Wrap-Up: 

Rising Star Road Show at Lyric Theatre Birmingham, AL



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Tommy Jackson, Lead Mentor

Tommy Jackson’s life purpose is to help others find their true potential. His accomplishments in business and with mentoring children stretches over three decades across academics, business, athletics, and music.  

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