Rising Star Road Show Birmingham

The Historic Lyric Theatre in Birmingham, AL

January 19th 2018

An evening of music and inspiration for the entire family.

We help build the dreams of children and communities by supporting local rising stars around the Southeast U.S. in arts, education, and business.


Muddy Magnolias

Jamie Kent

Anthony Peebles

Jon Michael Ogletree



What is the Rising Star Road Show?

Children in the U.S. are at risk everyday. 

One in four students say they’ve been bullied at school. 15-20% of adolescents have participated in self-harm. Positivity is needed more than ever in young people’s lives.

We support and motivate kids to change their lives, chase their dreams, and work hard to achieve their goals.

One way we do this is through concerts that bring the best up-and-coming artists and communities together to raise money and spotlight local kids.