Rising Star Road Show Birmingham, AL

Rising Star Road Show's 2018 premier at the historic Lyric Theatre in Birmingham, Alabama on January 19th


Rising Star Road Show Launches in Birmingham

Limited First Note Family-only Featured Video Release

Rising Star Road Show, in separate parts, has been happening for many years. From over ten years of music with First Note to Tommy Jackson's personal mentorship of dozens of young people over decades in Birmingham, AL. 

On January 19th 2018, these elements officially came together for the first time at the historic Lyric Theatre in downtown Birmingham to launch a movement to inspire and support young stars of art, education, and athletics in schools across the Southeast through music and mentorship.

Inspirational speakers will talk to students. Competitions will be put on so young people can strive to be their best to win an opportunity to perform on a big stage at the Rising Star Road Show music variety event which will bring top notch artists of all genres onto one stage with local talent for a unique all-ages event. Fundraising efforts will be built along with these shows giving students the opportunity to sell tickets in order to raise money for their school. 

The Lyric Theatre show is a celebration of the coming together of people, ideas, and effort to inspire young people to rise above the harsh day-to-day realities they face every day and support them in reaching their fullest potential.

Mini-Doc Credits:

Hosted by Tommy Jackson / Presented by First Note / Video Directed by Jonathan Pears / Shot by Jason Denton and Shuyler Howie / Recorded by Kyle Dreaden / Featuring performances by Muddy Magnolias, Jamie Kent, Anthony Peebles, Jon Michael Ogletree, Riverbend, and Beverly's Dance Studio / Sponsored by Merrill Lynch and Jackson Wealth Management




Rising Star Road Show / Birmingham, AL / January 19th 2018